brownies for two

Today I present to you a good, old fashioned brownie recipe. Totally different from my usual vegan/date/raw/nuts in the food processor kinda hippie brownie recipe. Because everything is moderation. And you can't beat a good butter, sugar, and flour brownie! One of the things that keep me from making most brownie recipes is the ingredient list--I'm mainly talking... Continue Reading →

fudge brownie larabar bites

I adore Larabars, and these are my homemade pure chocolate version. If you've ever had a raw, vegan brownie, it kinda tastes like these. No-bake, easy, and ready in minutes. Nuts in my brownies are not my favorite, but it works in these. These bites are rich, dense, and super fudgy, but they're vegan, gluten-free, grain-free,... Continue Reading →

raisin + walnut zucchini bread

It's August. Tons of zucchini. And no basic zucchini bread recipe to be found on this blog. So I fixed this egregious error. Of course, there's already a chocolate version on here... that thing amazes me every time. It tastes like a hybrid of a cake and a brownie, but do you see how healthy... Continue Reading →

never gets old

A couple posts ago, I mentioned my "songs that never get old" playlist, and a few of you have since asked about it. Even though this makes me nervous (because for some reason, being judged for your taste in music seems extra personal), here are my all-time favorite songs for ever and ever. So good that... Continue Reading →

maple cinnamon candied walnuts

Welcome to my guilty pleasure. If there's one fact about life that I hate, it's that nuts are so darn snackable and delicious. I literally could eat peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds (especially almonds) forever and consume about 1000 calories in one sitting. Such a love/hate relationship. Though nuts are pretty calorie dense, they're full of healthy... Continue Reading →

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