I'm the kind of person who already gets nostalgic about a moment while it's happening, and can't wait to capture it with soft, glowing colors brought to life on film.

As the founder and lead photographer, Bianca is known for her effortless way of capturing events that are all at once a work of art and an intimate memory.

With over a decade of photography experience, she is also formally trained in medicine. This gift allows Bianca to use both sides of her brain to be deeply creative yet equally cerebral, detail-oriented, and prepared for anything.

Based in Philadelphia, Bianca has been traveling the world since before she could walk. She is endlessly inspired by grand architecture and vistas by the water. There is no more illuminating experience than sipping the sights and smells of a foreign place, awakened by the sheer vastness of the world.



Laid back, with plenty of time for you to soak in the emotions of the day; soft acoustic music playing in the background as your guests take in the artfully curated tastes, sights, and conviviality; a style and design crafted artfully so that it feels uniquely you; a lively band for the party, and ending with quiet moments together, relishing the day under twinkling lights

Favorite wedding day ambience


Connecting with incredible clients and industry talent to create a beautiful day greater than the sum of its parts. When you find your people, the synergy is nothing short of magical.

favorite part of the job


The tranquil blue waters of Dubrovnik, Santorini, Lake Como, and Capri; the majestic mountains of the Dolomites, the rolling hills of Tuscany; the mystical red rocks at Bryce Canyon and Antelope Canyon; the otherworldly Iceland; the friendly Irish countryside. Twenty-six countries and counting.

favorite places


The first time you see your future spouse--whether that's during your first look or while coming down the aisle (or both!).

favorite part of the wedding day


my favorite things:

about you

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Our clients value the art behind the beauty, and above all, the legacy of moments with their loved ones.

Without a doubt, your wedding day will be beautiful and inimitable. That's the magic of finding a vendor team that can bring your vision to life. But above all, our clients recognize that while their wedding day will be unforgettable, their greatest legacy is their moments with their loved ones.


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