"I'm the kind of person who already gets nostalgic about a moment while it's happening, and can't wait to capture it with soft, glowing colors brought to life on film."

As the founder and lead photographer, Bianca is known for her way of capturing events that are all at once a work of art and an intimate memory.

With over a decade of photography experience, she is also formally trained in medicine. This gift allows Bianca to use both sides of her brain to be deeply creative yet equally cerebral, detail-oriented, and prepared for anything.

Based in Philadelphia, Bianca has been traveling the world since before she could walk. She is endlessly inspired by grand architecture and coastal vistas. She believes there is no more illuminating experience than sipping the sights and smells of a foreign place, awakened by the sheer vastness of the world.



film by Leslie Margarita

Photos by Andreas Georgiou and Mallory McClure

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