a healthy obsession

Can we talk about how my best friend Amy and I are huge walking contradictions? Like how we adore vegan food in every shape and form, down to every fiber of its nutty, soy-filled being? And how we hunt down vegan restaurants everywhere we go? Or how we can easily spend three-hour-long Skype seshes solely... Continue Reading →

thursday things

So apparently my last random smattering of Instagram shots (fondly known as Thursday Things) was in July. Which is actually really great because I'd do ANYTHING to go back to summer right now...and looking back at these pictures is tricking my already-sleep-deprived-hectic-head right now. Obviously July {aka insert any month here} contained cupcakes Annnd empty... Continue Reading →

rome (the rest)

In case you haven't noticed, I like starting off my blog posts with my most favorite photo of the moment. The BAM!-photo, if you will. Case in point ^ These are the spiral stairs that exit the Vatican Museum, which I think are pretty visually stunning. So back to chronology. Next stop in Rome was... Continue Reading →

rome, day one

You know how you're supposed to study abroad and come back a changed person? Independent, confident, self-reliant, and such/whatnot/all that jazz? Welll sorry to feed the cliches, but it's so true. But the most drastic way I've cornily "grown as a person?" I am SUCH A GOOD PACKER NOW. First of all, I am a... Continue Reading →

slight change of plans

So originally, I was going to be here in five months. But after some serious introspection... I will now be spending my spring semester at the University College Dublin! In IRELAND!!! I have heard so many wonderful things about this lucky land, and I just want to be there already! The rest of the semester... Continue Reading →

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