sugar cookie cutouts

The holiday season isn't complete without pretty decorated sugar cookies! Sometimes I like to make gingerbread men, sometimes I like to make lots of festive red and green sugar cookie cutouts. (Most times I make both.) This time I decided on a pastel winter theme! I looove how they turned out! And then pearl sprinkles were... Continue Reading →

spritz cookies

I hope posting this on Friday the 13th doesn't make these cookies unlucky! They are just your classic, buttery spritz cookies. I finally gave my cookie press a try and am SO pleased with the results! They smell, taste and look just like the little shortbread cookies in the round tins. So Christmassy and cute!... Continue Reading →

chocolate truffle brownie cookies

Lately I've been all about the vegan, paleo, clean eating life. These cookies are not that. As much as I love guilt-free, healthy food, sometimes you just need a rich and chewy butter-and-sugar cookie to hit the spot. These chocolate truffles brownie cookies were made with a whole stick of butter, which is not something... Continue Reading →

chewy molasses cookies

Last year at about this time, I made cookies like these for my molasses-cookie-loving friend. Chewy molasses cookies perfect for curing homesickness while I was in Europe. This time around, they're still spicy, crackly, and chewy. But even better. And still so sparkly! Actually...possibly sparklier. Always a good thing. Except this time around, I'm happily... Continue Reading →

maple cinnamon candied walnuts

Welcome to my guilty pleasure. If there's one fact about life that I hate, it's that nuts are so darn snackable and delicious. I literally could eat peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds (especially almonds) forever and consume about 1000 calories in one sitting. Such a love/hate relationship. Though nuts are pretty calorie dense, they're full of healthy... Continue Reading →

soft and chewy molasses cookies

One of the things I love about Dublin is the weather. No, I'm not referring to the incessant rain...I'm talking about how the temperature hovers around 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit pretty much all year round (God knows what that is in Celsius). Speaking of conversion confusion: Laundry cycle at 40 degrees? Speed limit of 100 km/hr?... Continue Reading →

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