cinnamon raisin challah

I may be biased, but that is one big beautiful loaf of bread. Baking with yeast is always still such a touchy business for me. Half the time, I kill the yeast with the warm water from the get go (which, yup, happened this time). But then other times you end up with a gorgeously... Continue Reading →

raisin + walnut zucchini bread

It's August. Tons of zucchini. And no basic zucchini bread recipe to be found on this blog. So I fixed this egregious error. Of course, there's already a chocolate version on here... that thing amazes me every time. It tastes like a hybrid of a cake and a brownie, but do you see how healthy... Continue Reading →

cookie for one

Whenever I bake something, my friends usually know, because I share it with every lucky person in the vicinity. Mostly because I love brightening people's days with my cupcakes and brownies and treats...but I also can't deny that I have as much self-control than the next person (read: not very much), which could translate into... Continue Reading →

carrot cake loaf

As unbelievable as it sounds, it's sometimes hard for me to find outlets for my baked goods...aka people to eat my stuff. Mostly because my parents don't have much of a sweet tooth (sweet teeth?), and anything with unhealthy (read: normal) amounts of butter/sugar/good stuff is eschewed in my household. And also because as my... Continue Reading →

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