pumpkin gingerbread muffins

I cannot stop RAVING about these muffins. They are seriously so delicious, far bypassing any expectation I had of them. I mean, I love pumpkin as much as the next girl. Gingerbread cookies make me warm and fuzzy and happy during the holiday season. But I usually don't get incredibly addicted to something without any... Continue Reading →

perfect pumpkin spice granola

How is it already practically November??! I'm getting so so behind on my pumpkin t0-make list, but I'm trying to squeeze one quick recipe in before Halloween is over! This granola is a healthier option to balance out the mass amounts of Halloween candy coming your way. I prefer granola lightly sweetened, so that it's not as sugary... Continue Reading →

pumpkin cornbread

Keeping this short and sweet! Just can't quit with the pumpkin. If you're balking at my pumpkinfied version of perfectly good cornbread, trust me when I say that the pumpkin & spice are far from overpowering. It fits perfectly in with this slightly sweet, lightly spiced cornbread. Pumpkin Cornbread 1 cup flour (can sub half whole wheat if you're... Continue Reading →

chewy molasses cookies

Last year at about this time, I made cookies like these for my molasses-cookie-loving friend. Chewy molasses cookies perfect for curing homesickness while I was in Europe. This time around, they're still spicy, crackly, and chewy. But even better. And still so sparkly! Actually...possibly sparklier. Always a good thing. Except this time around, I'm happily... Continue Reading →

soft and chewy molasses cookies

One of the things I love about Dublin is the weather. No, I'm not referring to the incessant rain...I'm talking about how the temperature hovers around 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit pretty much all year round (God knows what that is in Celsius). Speaking of conversion confusion: Laundry cycle at 40 degrees? Speed limit of 100 km/hr?... Continue Reading →

gingerbread cookies with royal icing

Can we pretend that it isn't a full three weeks past Christmas? And that it isn't completely unacceptable to be posting about gingerbread men right now? Let's pretend, because making these cookies was one of my favorite afternoons from before I left the states, and they are too cute and delicious not to share. There... Continue Reading →

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