madrid pt 5

I am about to make you swoon. And salivate. And pretty much die over these chocolate con churros. I mean, I did. I didn't forget about these delicious little crispy fried heavenly pastries dipped in a thick hot chocolate sauce. Chocolate that is completely acceptable to drink after you've eaten the heck out of your... Continue Reading →

madrid pt 4

As we continue our extensive in-depth Madrid coverage... let me bring you to a little piece of ancient Egypt in Spain! This ancient Egyptian architecture is the Temple of Debod, dedicated to the goddess Isis. It was built in 2 BC (over 2,000 years ago!) and rebuilt in Madrid. Nearby, we happened upon a beautiful... Continue Reading →

madrid pt 3

You know you're in Spain when you stumble upon a live mariachi band! Plus the reminder of chocolate con churros that still needed to be crossed off our list! This is Plaza del Sol Where you can find the 0 km mark! Right outside Museo del Prado was a lovely little church We decided it... Continue Reading →

madrid pt 2

Recognize this square from day one? Plaza Mayor greeted us with a much prettier view on our second day. But I haven't shown you the best of Plaza Mayor just yet... Wait for it... I hope you love this as much as I did... BUBBLES! Look at those facial expressions. Priceless. Gigantic, engulfing, glistening, iridescent... Continue Reading →

hola, madrid!

Upon escaping to the sweet freedom of spring break, I once again hopped on a plane (pretty much more normal than a car for me at this point). This time I found myself in... MADRID! We had a disgustingly long spring break (18 days!) that I loved a little too much. I was absolutely spoiled... Continue Reading →

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