rome (the rest)

In case you haven't noticed, I like starting off my blog posts with my most favorite photo of the moment. The BAM!-photo, if you will. Case in point ^ These are the spiral stairs that exit the Vatican Museum, which I think are pretty visually stunning. So back to chronology. Next stop in Rome was... Continue Reading →

rome, day one

You know how you're supposed to study abroad and come back a changed person? Independent, confident, self-reliant, and such/whatnot/all that jazz? Welll sorry to feed the cliches, but it's so true. But the most drastic way I've cornily "grown as a person?" I am SUCH A GOOD PACKER NOW. First of all, I am a... Continue Reading →

venice part iii

As I've said before, I'm in love with Italy...and I'm not ashamed to admit that a large part of it is because the food is to die for. Gelato for breakfast? It happened. So. Many. Times. We ate when we were hungry, and we ate when we definitely weren't. We basically had gelato before and... Continue Reading →

venice part ii

So. Venice. I would give up my iPhone for Venice. For these gorgeous canals, beautiful architecture, and drool-worthy cuisine. Seriously, most amazing weekend ever. We first headed to the elusive St. Marco's Square that we had tried to locate the night before. Turns out it was quite a bit farther than we'd thought--a water taxi... Continue Reading →

venezia – day 1

Way back when, I promised that a post on Venice was coming soon. Well, this time I mean it. Venice starts NOW! Our first day in Venice was actually just Friday evening--we had quite the logistically complex flying route to get to and from Venice--and then getting ourselves to our hostel was a bit of... Continue Reading →

thursday things [venice edition]

What Venice means to me: Freaky masks Delicious gelato Beautiful canals Sparkly masks Delicious cannoli More gelato Beautiful canals MORE! GELATO! In summary: beautiful canals, crazy masks, and gelato til I explode. Sounds about right! I'll elaborate in a few days.

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