thursday things

Another edition of Thursday Things, also known as my random and arbitrary dumping of recent favorite instagram pictures on you. And off we go! Is there anything better than a froyo girl date? Nope, didn't think so. Sometimes I try to be crafty and badass at the same time. My favorite restaurant in State College?... Continue Reading →

if the world ends today…

This would not have been a bad day way to go. Cheers to you and this gorgeous little death by chocolate cake, and my millionth shout out to Vegan Treats, also known as my favorite place ever and heaven on earth. Thank goodness for winter break and freedom from finals! And a very happy end of... Continue Reading →

lost & found

Today, I went for a run in the arboretum. Today, I got lost in the arboretum (which I actually loved because it was an absolutely picture perfect beautiful day). So after I discovered the cutest little dirt path that veered off the trail, after the definition of the "road less traveled by" disappeared on me, and... Continue Reading →

thursday things

So apparently my last random smattering of Instagram shots (fondly known as Thursday Things) was in July. Which is actually really great because I'd do ANYTHING to go back to summer right now...and looking back at these pictures is tricking my already-sleep-deprived-hectic-head right now. Obviously July {aka insert any month here} contained cupcakes Annnd empty... Continue Reading →

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