no-churn creamy sesame ice cream

A few weeks ago, I made the creamiest, easiest ice cream ever. This is a quirky flavor variation that's probably pretty hit or miss with you. Sesame flavored things are definitely an acquired taste, let alone sesame ice cream. But if the savory sweet combination of sesame in desserts is right up your alley (or if... Continue Reading →

no-churn vanilla bean fudge swirl ice cream

There's this ice cream recipe that's been floating around, calling for just two ingredients and no ice cream maker! Aka it's calling for miracles. It claims to make the creamiest ice cream you'll ever taste. Things like this always make me nervous, but after standing in the middle of the grocery aisle, considering buying the two ingredients (whipping cream... Continue Reading →

vegan oreo ice cream cupcakes

Fun fact that many people do not know: Oreos are vegan! So are Nutter Butters! Two of my faves right there This was my first time trying cashew-based ice cream. Definitely a good alternative for someone who can't have traditional dairy ice cream! It was pretty easy to make with my trusty food processor...just throw all... Continue Reading →

healthy chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

This one's just got all the buzzwords, doesn't it? Vegan, healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free... But mainly just freaking delicious. These are the healthiest ice cream sandwiches you'll EVER find. I combined my chocolate chip cookie cups with vegan ice cream (if they bananas are ripe enough, you can't even tell they're made of bananas). The cookies... Continue Reading →

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