black bottom cupcakes

These are SO easy and delicious, I'm kicking myself for never trying to make them before! The prep time may be a tiny bit longer to make the cream cheese filling, but the end product is pretty cute and doesn't need any frosting or other decorating! The chocolate cake is so dark chocolatey and moist--I'm sure... Continue Reading →

vegan oreo ice cream cupcakes

Fun fact that many people do not know: Oreos are vegan! So are Nutter Butters! Two of my faves right there This was my first time trying cashew-based ice cream. Definitely a good alternative for someone who can't have traditional dairy ice cream! It was pretty easy to make with my trusty food processor...just throw all... Continue Reading →

thursday things

So apparently my last random smattering of Instagram shots (fondly known as Thursday Things) was in July. Which is actually really great because I'd do ANYTHING to go back to summer right now...and looking back at these pictures is tricking my already-sleep-deprived-hectic-head right now. Obviously July {aka insert any month here} contained cupcakes Annnd empty... Continue Reading →

happy national chocolate cupcake day!

Hellllo beautiful. You, too, can have that gooey chocolate brownie in your mouth in a hot two minutes. All you do is mix cocoa powder, brown sugar, flour, and salt. Combine it with vegetable oil, water, and chocolate chips. Microwave for 55 seconds. Too easy! And kind of dangerous to have this sort of instant... Continue Reading →

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