carrot cake breakfast cookies

Here's a little riff on the zucchini breakfast cookies from a few weeks ago! Just as soft and delicious, but these taste like carrot cake! Loaded with raisins and coconut, if you please :) Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies Adapted from my zucchini breakfast cookies Lightly sweetened, soft and cakey cookies that are totally breakfast appropriate.  ⅓... Continue Reading →

coconut flour carrot zucchini muffins

I loooove zucchini bread in the summer, and I get so excited for the time of year when gardens start exploding with their zucchini crop. I also love carrot bread and zucchini bread on their own, so I knew I would go nuts for them together. These definitely lived up to my expectations, as Detoxinista's recipes usually... Continue Reading →

skinny carrot cake swirled cheesecake

Why is carrot cake associated with Easter anyway? All I can come up with is Easter --> bunnies --> carrots. Thoughts? And that, my friends, is a peek into the fascinating and complex inner musings of my brain. Let's just chalk it up to the hundreds of drug names and mass information in general that I... Continue Reading →

carrot cake loaf

As unbelievable as it sounds, it's sometimes hard for me to find outlets for my baked goods...aka people to eat my stuff. Mostly because my parents don't have much of a sweet tooth (sweet teeth?), and anything with unhealthy (read: normal) amounts of butter/sugar/good stuff is eschewed in my household. And also because as my... Continue Reading →

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