two-ingredient banana pancakes

September 20, 2014


I usually eat the same thing evvvery single morning because I love routine (or maybe I’m just incredibly boring).

But when I’m in the mood for something sweet instead of my usual (spinach & mushroom scrambled eggs with hot sauce…try it, it’s the bomb), I make these pancakes instead!

Super easy, healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, and no added sugar!

Easy Two-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

1 ripe banana
2 eggs

Optional additions:
1 teaspoon baking powder *HIGHLY recommended to make them fluffier!
cinnamon to taste (I like cinnamon a LOT, so I usually use 1/2 teaspoon)
splash of vanilla
fruit…chocolate chips…your normal banana accoutrements 😉

Mash banana in a bowl. Add eggs and blend until combined. Add in baking powder and other additions

Heat up skillet to medium, and cook pancakes! I like to make mini pancakes because they cook more evenly and are easier to flip.

And EVEN healthier spin on these coming soon!


I can’t believe basically just eggs and banana can make a pancake! 😀 I want to remind you, though, that eggs are not considered vegan. So this recipe is dairy-free and paleo, but not vegan. I imagine you could sub chia or flax eggs pretty easily, though. 🙂

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