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June 28, 2012

So if you know me at all, you probably are aware of the fact that I’ve become a total Pinterest addict. You can usually find me uncontrollably pinning things like a maniac to my fabulous little imaginary pinterest world. I know how cool I sound right now…but my point is, pinterest has some pretty sweet things, all of which I WANT SO BAD right this second.


One of those things became a reality.


And I’m pretty sure half the recipes I make these days are inspired by Pinterest. These cookie dough stuffed cookie cups are no exception.


As well as these chocolate stuffed raspberries. Basically, pinterest dictates my life at the moment. And I don’t hate it.


I also have this very unhealthy-looking healthy chocolate chip cookie pie to share!


There are certain things that just get me, and one of those things is random acts of kindness. I found this happy message left on the pavement the other day:


which, in turn, inspired me 🙂 Happy almost Friday!


you have no idea how many times a week i answer the question, “did you make that?!” posed in regards to our lovely crayon art :]

we are the bomb. basically.

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