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June 14, 2012

I’m about to be a senior in college…meaning this is potentially my last summer vacation. Of my life. Ever.

Let’s pretend that the scary real world (with its sad summers) isn’t coming. Let’s focus on the reasons why summertime life right now is completely wonderful and amazing! Plus the fact that summer is my birthday season (I take birthday week to a whole new level. Because I can. And because it’s going to be my 21st!)

Summertime life. It’s awesome because…


You can lay out with your best friend


You can go on shopping/dinner dates [Seasons 52. So awesome in and of itself]


You can do exciting things like leave secret messages on bananas


You can go to your favorite places at home for dinner and dessert. Every day. (Vegan Treats is the reason why I work out)


And BABIES at the park. Because babies are awesome anytime of the year.


One more awesome thing! Well…this might only be awesome for you, Grace, but congratulations on being picked as the winner for the Slimkicker giveaway! Slimkicker will be in touch with you shortly 🙂


One of my favs! It hadn’t occurred to me that summer vacations are coming to a very abrupt end 🙁

thank youuu 🙂 so excited to finally catch up!

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