a bit more exploring

Although I'm such a science person, I have this weird affinity for history. It makes me happy in a way that polymerase chain reactions and transaminases never will. So I was extremely, nerdily excited for this historical walking tour of the city that my school had arranged for us! We started off at this archway, the... Continue Reading →

thursday things [dublin edition]

This is my campus. There are swans in that lake. Love. "How to be Smarter: In general, there are two reasons for why you should be doing something: either doing it brings you joy, or doing it puts you on a path that will get you closer to your final goal. If something doesn’t fulfill either of these... Continue Reading →

two for two

Dublin must want me to stay, because so far it's been two for two with beautiful sunny days. And the exploration continues... Grafton Street St. Ann's Church St. Stephen's Shopping Centre being punny Comforting My kind of city Infamous Temple Bar The River Liffey Oh hey Dublin sunset, how'd you know my favorite colors? :)... Continue Reading →

day one

I'm the kind of person who will form a very strong opinion, and fast. So if my journey to Dublin is any indication, I'm pretty sure that I am falling head over heels for this place already. Words cannot describe the scary mixture of emotions I felt at the airport saying goodbye, as I boarded... Continue Reading →

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