healthy double chocolate cupcakes (paleo)

Still not sick of coconut flour recipes! These muffins are seriously delicious. The texture is a little different, but not in a bad way obviously! Springy but still dense and chocolatey. Dark chocolate chunks, with drizzled melted chocolate and topped with sprinkles--how can you go wrong? These are paleo, healthy, and super yum :) Healthy... Continue Reading →

black bottom cupcakes

These are SO easy and delicious, I'm kicking myself for never trying to make them before! The prep time may be a tiny bit longer to make the cream cheese filling, but the end product is pretty cute and doesn't need any frosting or other decorating! The chocolate cake is so dark chocolatey and moist--I'm sure... Continue Reading →


Self-explanatory. Here we go! pumpkin spice + vanilla bean marbled cheesecake with nutty cinnamon brown sugar graham cracker crust {lightened-up} pumpkin spice pudding {vegan} pumpkin spice cake cheesecake pumpkin deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie braided pumpkin cheesecake danish healthy dark chocolate chunk pumpkin bread two ingredient pumpkin brownies white chocolate and cinnamon drizzled pumpkin... Continue Reading →

red velvet heart cupcakes

It doesn't get more Valentines-ey than red velvet... until you make them even more sickeningly adorable by cutting out hearts with pretty pastel frosting peeking through. Pinterest, I give you my everlasting thanks These are as easy as a batch of red velvet cupcakes, a quick slice off the top, and taking a mini heart... Continue Reading →

thursday things

So apparently my last random smattering of Instagram shots (fondly known as Thursday Things) was in July. Which is actually really great because I'd do ANYTHING to go back to summer right now...and looking back at these pictures is tricking my already-sleep-deprived-hectic-head right now. Obviously July {aka insert any month here} contained cupcakes Annnd empty... Continue Reading →

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