barcelona: montjuïc (part 5)

After Park Guell, we could not resist biking past the beach again on our way to Montjuïc. Ugh. I want to be here now. Montjuic is the home of the 1992 Summer Olympics stadium, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, and the Montjuïc Communications Tower After the second whole day of biking, the upward climb up to this... Continue Reading →

barcelona: park güell (part 4)

Another place in Barcelona graced by the works of Gaudi is Parc Güell We had enjoyed our Barcelona bicycle tour so much the day before that we decided to continue the sightseeing on bikes the next day as well. We biked northeast of the city to the magical Park Guell first, before crisscrossing all the way... Continue Reading →

barcelona on bicicletas! (part 3)

As I gushed about before, Barcelona is SO. BEAUTIFUL. that it would have been such a shame to stay indoors. No museums for us this time--we swapped them out for some of the coolest architecture I've ever seen and a trip to beach. En bicicleta! We decided that the best way to see the expansive city... Continue Reading →

barcelona: la boqueria (part 2)

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE food shopping. Browsing through a cool grocery store (e.g., Wegmans) can probably be classified as one of my favorite pastimes. I practically live at Wegmans, and I fear for myself  if I ever live anywhere close to a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. So... Continue Reading →


I may be back home in the US, but the travel posts will continue! I still have quite a few cities to go through, including Barcelona, our second stop in Spain. If I had to describe Barcelona in one word, it would be beautiful. I don't think any other city had gorgeous sunny weather that... Continue Reading →

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