chocolate covered pretzel & oreo bark

November 11, 2011

I’m the kind of person who wishes on 11:11 religiously.

I have an alarm set for 11:11…both a.m. AND p.m. It probably sounds ridiculous, but I don’t care who knows it 🙂

Needless to say, today (11/11/11) is kind of a big deal.

But the irony is that despite it being probably the most epic wish day of our lives, I don’t really have much to wish for.

You see, my boyfriend is flying in from California tonight (!!!), and we are seeing each other for the first time since my birthday. I honestly can’t think of anything else I could possibly ask for right now.

So I made him some bark (doesn’t that just sound so romantic?)

Hello I'm delicious and I'm waiting for you @jpfilmmaker

This is the first creation I’ve ever attempted in my little dorm room equipped with nothing more than a tiny microfridge. I can’t think of any recipes easier (or more feasible) than chocolate bark–if you can, please let me know. I have serious baking withdrawal at school.

All you need is a couple bags of chocolate chips, your favorite mix-ins, and a microwave. This recipe was practically invented for the dorm room.

James loves chocolate covered pretzels and Oreo balls, and so this yummy hybrid was born.

I have my DSLR with me, but for some reason, a scholarly/studious/intellectual feeling is not exactly what I want to evoke when my cluttered desk, textbooks, and laptop are lurking in the background. That’s my lame excuse for subsisting on instagram pictures. Also, instagram is just da

Want to know how to make it? It is exactly how it looks, and as simple as it seems!

Crush up pretzels and set them on wax paper

Melt chocolate in the microwave–your best bet is to follow the instructions on the package. And err on the side of caution! Overheated, lumpy chocolate is one of the world’s saddest sights.

You want it smooth and glossy so you can combine the two in blissful harmony

Things were looking a bit tenuous at this point.

But the end product was to-die-for.

Not too shabby for the situation I had to work with! Here I used two snack bags of pretzels, a bag of milk chocolate chips, a cup of white chocolate chips, and five Oreos, but you can most certainly mix, match, and tweak to your heart’s desire. You really can’t go wrong. Just layer melted chocolate, sprinkle on toppings, let harden (or don’t–you’ll get pretty swirls), and repeat. You could also expedite the process by firming it up in the fridge. Sadly, my microfridge is too small for that haha. Add in peanut butter, butterscotch chips, sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, leftover Halloween candy, nuts, rice krispies, a dark chocolate drizzle, toffee pieces, cocoa puffs, m&ms…the list goes on.

Need even more ideas? ‘Tis the season so very very soon.

Hope all your wishes come true today!

P.S. I kind of wish I had more classes today so that I could write out the date more. Is that weird?

P.P.S. Also majorly jealous of the lucky people getting married today. Most amazing anniversary date! They are not allowed to ever get divorced.


Why thank you!! I appreciate you stopping by 🙂

Only you can make something so delectable looking using only a microwave. In response to your p.p.s., I witnessed two marriage proposals at the Trevi Fountain! Also, I kept saying that I was jealous of all the babies born on 11/11/11 hahah

This looks so tasty! I’ve actually never made bark but I really want to try this recipe now 🙂 In my photography class at school, my teacher took a picture of all of us at 11:11 on 11/11/11! It was very fun 🙂

I can’t believe it’s been so long since you’ve seen your boyfriend! I don’t know how you long distance couples manage. This looks super yummy…I love anything that’s sweet/salty.

If you need another microwave recipe, I made this microwave fudge last year:

Not sure how big your fridge is, but I think there’d probably be enough room for it to chill! (Pardon the horrific pic…it was pre-DSLR.)

You’re amazing. This looks delish. nomnomnomz

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