June 2, 2012

last days in dublin {& a giveaway!!!}

Before I left for Dublin, two of my friends who had been there last summer told me that there was one place I absolutely HAD to visit, partly because I am crazy obsessed with baking, and partly becaus... VIEW POST
May 31, 2012

barcelona: la boqueria (part 2)

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE food shopping. Browsing through a cool grocery store (e.g., Wegmans) can probably be classified as one of my favorite pastimes. I practically live at Wegman... VIEW POST
May 29, 2012

soft frosted sugar cookies

Today was one of those days. You can tell I'm having one of those days when I'm wearing my glasses. I rarely wear my glasses past the hours of midnight to 7 am...unless it's one of those lat... VIEW POST
May 27, 2012


I may be back home in the US, but the travel posts will continue! I still have quite a few cities to go through, including Barcelona, our second stop in Spain. If I had to describe Barcelona in one w... VIEW POST
May 24, 2012

home sweet home

This recipe isn't really anything spectacular. I mean, it's chocolate and Oreos and cheesecake, so you can't go wrong...but while it's certainly delicious, the recipe was just taken off the back of... VIEW POST