June 21, 2012

carrot cake with greek yogurt cream cheese frosting

Say hello to the most delicious AND healthiest carrot cake you'll ever meet. For Father's Day, the most obvious thing for me to do was bake my dad his favorite cake--carrot loaded with raisins. ... VIEW POST
June 19, 2012

you know i love ya if i bake you a cake

In honor of that spectacular dad of mine... The least I could do was show him how thankful I am... So I tried to express how much I care in the best way I know how... In cake form. Good thin... VIEW POST
June 17, 2012

two things that’ll never change

1. Being the best dad in the world 2. Always rockin those sweet shades. Never lose your swag, daddy. You have been my hero for two decades and counting. Happy Father's Day! VIEW POST
June 14, 2012

thursday things

I'm about to be a senior in college...meaning this is potentially my last summer vacation. Of my life. Ever. Let's pretend that the scary real world (with its sad summers) isn't coming. Let's focus on... VIEW POST
June 12, 2012

no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies

Does anyone remember those delicious peanut butter cookies from the cafeteria in elementary school? You know, the really chewy, sticky, lumpy ones? If you do...these are those, except BETTER. Bec... VIEW POST