July 20, 2012

this is how you do it

In case you haven't noticed, I've been slacking a little (read: A LOT a lot) with the travel posts. Getting myself inspired to blog about my trips has been strugs lately, and I'm not entirely sure why... VIEW POST
July 19, 2012

thursday things

And so the summer of Pinterest continues... while I try to conquer my infinite pin boards one by one, with a little help from my friends and quite possibly the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen. ... VIEW POST
July 15, 2012

browned butter chewy chocolate chip cookies

As I was scooping these little cuties (don't they look like baby scoops of ice cream?!!), it occurred to me that out of the 19 cookie recipes on my blog, I don't have a single traditional, classic ch... VIEW POST
July 10, 2012

fondue date night

This past weekend, I traveled to DC to visit my best friend Amy, who is dairy-free but every bit as much of a culinary epicurean as I am. After delighting in some amazing vegan food, we were struck wi... VIEW POST
July 5, 2012

zebra cake with chocolate ganache

I really don't have any little anecdotes for you today about this cake. Basically, I saw it on the interwebs, thought it was pretty freaking awesome looking, and decided to make it. And now here we... VIEW POST