August 14, 2012

honored and flattered

Hi friends! It has been a terribly long two weeks; August has been a hectic month, but after extensive traveling to visit some of my best friends, lots of harried preparation for post-college life, a... VIEW POST
August 1, 2012

things you should know about me if we’re gonna be bffs

I know I drop little snippets about my life here and there as I write this blog. But you've been lucky so all definitely don't know the true extent of just how weird I actually am. So at th... VIEW POST
July 28, 2012

parents in dublin

The last time I brought you with me on my travels abroad, we were in Spain, which was completely fabuloso, delicioso, magnifico, bello, etc, etc. I spent 6 whole days traversing through Madrid and Bar... VIEW POST
July 25, 2012


This post is totally random...just a little blast from the past that I found in the deep recesses of my Flickr account. This was back when I could still kinda do some cool things. Was th... VIEW POST
July 23, 2012

cookie dough stuffed cookie cups

Got a cookie-dough lover in your life? I do! Chris is one of my best taste-testers/friends and a future surgeon that I would already trust with my life. But even when you're one of the most brillian... VIEW POST