May 27, 2012

I may be back home in the US, but the travel posts will continue! I still have quite a few cities to go through, including Barcelona, our second stop in Spain.


If I had to describe Barcelona in one word, it would be beautiful. I don’t think any other city had gorgeous sunny weather that came anywhere close–clear brilliant blue skies, incredible architecture, and the perfect mix of city and beach.


Our hostel was right near Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona’s busiest square.



Plaça de Catalunya is at the top of Las Ramblas, the main street that leads to the ocean.



I opted for some dark chocolate and nutella gelato (scooped so prettily!) within the first five minutes of our Ramblin. Typical.


The street is lined with SO MANY crazy (and sometimes scary) street performers. I wish I’d gotten more pictures, but you’re really supposed to drop them a Euro or two if you are going to photograph them.



A church off the side streets of La Rambla



Once you see this statue, you are at the bottom of Las Ramblas and you’ve reached the port! I came across more statues and monuments that I could count over the course of my semester’s travels, but this was a rare moment in which we stumbled upon a statue of a person with whom I am very, VERY familiar. And I’d be willing to bet that you know this guy, too.



It turns out that this monument marks the site where a famous explorer returned from his expedition, a voyage that was originally intended to travel to the East Indies…


But Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the Americas instead.


When he returned, he reported back to Ferdinand and Isabella in Barcelona.


We reached the harbor in time for THE most beautiful sunset by far that I saw throughout all of my travels


But first we followed our noses to the heavenly smell of freshly made chocolate covered Belgian waffles.



The colors in the sky were not even real.


Stunning, right? And this isn’t even the best one. The prettiest sunset picture is so gorgeous that it deserves to be the very last thing you see.


It’s even prettier than this goat cheese salad I had for dinner, believe it not.

Wait for it…


BAM. Completely unedited, breathtaking, and dazzling. Definitely in the top 5 sunsets of my life.

More beautiful Barcelona to come!


We loved Barcelona as well! So sad we have to leave, but loved your pictures! They perfectly perceive the city’s beauty.

Thank you so much 🙂 Barcelona was definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe!

Barcelona is such a fabulous city – and a walk along the length of Las Ramblas is a must for every traveller to Spain! 🙂

love, love, love ALL your pics! and yes, that is one fabulous sunset indeed. I did not know about giving a euro to the performers on Las Ramblas, but hubby must have given them something. good to know for next time!!

mmm that waffle looks amazing!

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