another birthday! {a year gone by}

July 1, 2012

So there’s this friend of mine, and his 21st birthday just happens to be today.

He also just happens to be so awesome can’t even stand it.


As usual, we are apart about 78x as often as we’re together. Unlike last year, Jordan is very far away right now.

But I don’t even care…because he’s one of those people. You know what I’m talking about.

jordan stairs 2012
Annual tradition


It’s been a solid seven years (can you believe it?! we so old) since our little high school freshman selves became friends in Smithy’s class and solidified it under the glow of Mrs. Dog’s fizz6 love. Now look at us, conquering our exams in our quest to become eye doctors! I can always count on us cheering each other on and the continuous stream of mail bouncing back and forth between PA and VA.


The future usually scares me, but not when it comes to this guy. It’s not even a question that we’ll be friends forever. Plus, we’re already planning our joint optometry/ophthalmology practice. Come to our eye care extravaganza center? I’ll be checking your eye health and vision one side, while Jordan does the tricky surgery and advanced stuff on the other.


Happiest of birthdays to The Jordan Silberg! Thanks for being the ultimate 4 am friend. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Without you, I would have lost my mind a long time ago.

PS HURRY HOME! We’ve got a joint birthday cake to bake…it’s gonna be a stunner.


In the meanwhile, here’s a cake (that you can’t have). But since you sent me the penguins, here’s the zebra. J’aime bouger bouger 🙂

Recipe to come soon


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