EVERYBODY loves snacks.

It’s a fact.

Still on the new year healthy train? Let me help you out with that!

One of my biggest downfalls in trying to eat healthy is succumbing to ALL THE SNACKS. So the best way to do this is to be prepared with snacks that won’t take me down a rabbit hole of chocolate chips. Or a whole box of sugary granola (not that I’d know anything about that).

As all the fitness magazines say, small frequent meals are the key to keeping that hangry desperation for anything you can get your hands on at bay. Here are some great ideas!


healthy frozen yogurt dots!

Something about these little yogurt dots is just so aesthetically pleasing. This makes eating your probiotics about a million times more fun.



homemade cinnamon vanilla peanut butter

Homemade peanut butter. Nut butters = MY FAV!!! I love adding my own custom flavors, like cinnamon, vanilla, honey, maple syrup, cocoa powder…oh the possibilities. Try to resist the peanut butter spoon + chocolate chips path. I know, it happens to the best of it. But willpower! And maybe pair it with an apple or banana instead.



ONE-INGREDIENT banana ice cream

Creamy, dreamy, one-ingredient banana ice cream. It wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t work!



TWO-INGREDIENT chocolate banana ice cream

A chocolate version of banana ice cream–seriously, just bananas + cocoa powder.



crispy apple chips! healthy snack

Is there a more quintessential snack than chips? Way cheaper than the bags of apple chips full of air at the grocery store.



crispy kale chips! healthy snack

More chips! For your salty and crunchy cravings.




Last veggie chip, I SWEAR! haha but seriously, try them. Zucchini chips are much better than you ever imagined!



healthy homemade chewy granola bars

Chewy granola bars! One of my favorite snacks growing up were THE chewy granola bars. Chocolate chip of course. These are MUCH healthier and homemade.



Coconut Flour Carrot Zucchini Muffins! Healthy and Paleo-friendly

I love having healthy muffins on hand! These are paleo and packed with veggies, for those of you who are into that. It’s like a hybrid of carrot cake and zucchini bread. For more muffins, click here.



Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.54.02 PM

Chocolate chia pudding! Still hard to believe sometimes that nutrient-packed chia seeds can create such a perfect pudding! Full of omega-3 healthy fats and fiber. Plus, you can serve it blended, or not blended–both options are delish!



pumpkin spice chia pudding - healthy, vegan, naturally sweetened!

A pumpkin spice version, because I believe pumpkin spice flavored things are appropriate ALL year round.




Leaving a batch of honey nut vanilla granola in my house is just asking for trouble. This is SO clustery and SO addictive!



chocolate chip snack cake! fluffy, lightly sweetened, & made with chickpeas

Chocolate chip SNACK CAKE. Cake as a snack?? Am I crazy? Not when there’s a whole can of chickpeas in there! (Now you probably think I’m crazy for putting the beans in there). Despite the beans, this cake is still fluffy and lightly sweet.



healthy carrot cake breakfast cookies

First I’m suggesting you eat cake as a snack, and now I present you with cookies. But these carrot cake cookies are healthy enough to eat for breakfast!



honey cinnamon roasted chickpeas

Honey cinnamon roasted chickpeas.



THE best green smoothie

My favorite green smoothie.



And last but not least…my favorite snack of all time: LARABARS! Three flavor options for you:

chocolate chip mocha brownie larabars! healthy, vegan, naturally sweetened

Chocolate Chip Mocha Brownie Larabars


HOMEMADE peanut butter chocolate chip larabars!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars.


chocolate fudge larabars! healthy, vegan, naturally sweetened

And straight up classic Chocolate Fudge Larabar.



I hope this barrage of ideas inspired you to prep and eat some delicious healthy snacks!! I promise that while healthy, none of these recipes are lacking in the flavor department. For more healthy snacking info and ideas, check out this page at NUTS.COM

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