healthy chocolate hazelnut truffles

Last minute treat for the Christmas cookie tray? These are fudgy little chocolate truffles that taste Nutella. They are made with just a few healthy ingredients and no refined sugar!! Although I HIGHLY support the decision to dip them in dark chocolate and take them to over-the-top amazing. Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles Makes about 15 chocolate truffles ½ cup medjool dates ⅓... Continue Reading →

pumpkin gingerbread muffins

I cannot stop RAVING about these muffins. They are seriously so delicious, far bypassing any expectation I had of them. I mean, I love pumpkin as much as the next girl. Gingerbread cookies make me warm and fuzzy and happy during the holiday season. But I usually don't get incredibly addicted to something without any... Continue Reading →

fudgey pumpkin blondies

When I first stumbled upon this recipe…talk about SKEPTICAL. I usually get veeery wary about recipes with beans in them, and consider/back away about a dozen times before I finally decide to give it a try. And I was floored by how much I loved them! All of the ingredients are healthy (yes, I am including the... Continue Reading →

healthy pumpkin streusel cake

I'm a sucker for streusel topped anything, especially if pumpkin is involved! I made a different pumpkiny recipe using coconut flour a little while ago, and I was worried that this would be repetitive and taste the same. But it doesn't!! While the other recipe is definitely dense and moist like portable pumpkin pie bars, this one... Continue Reading →

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