baked zucchini chips

Here's a quick snack recipe! Because everybody loves snacks. These are perfect as the weather gets cooler, and you finally dare to turn your oven on again. To make crispy chips, just like for apple chips, you have to bake it low and slow. The zucchinis shrink A LOT. You can see the bigger circle... Continue Reading →

chewy cinnamon honey granola bars

Short and sweet today! Not the most drop dead gorgeous recipe, but it sure makes up for it in how simple, healthy, and delicious it is. Just like your favorite granola bars, these are chewy with lots of cinnamon spices and sweetened with honey. You can mix in whatever you want! Next time I make these,... Continue Reading →

vegan peanut butter twix bars

This may be the best no-bake vegan dessert yet! In Australia, bars like this are called "slices," which I rather like. So this would be a chocolate covered, peanut butter caramel, coconut almond cookie slice! Each layer is incredibly easy, as always, just a quick blitz in the food processor. The bottom "cookie" layer is... Continue Reading →

no-churn creamy sesame ice cream

A few weeks ago, I made the creamiest, easiest ice cream ever. This is a quirky flavor variation that's probably pretty hit or miss with you. Sesame flavored things are definitely an acquired taste, let alone sesame ice cream. But if the savory sweet combination of sesame in desserts is right up your alley (or if... Continue Reading →

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