dark chocolate drizzled lace cookies

These lace cookies are a truly unique cookie! Their thin and crispy texture with caramelized toffee flavor is SO addictive. It would also be delish if you sandwiched two cookies with chocolate in the middle. I found that drizzling them in a single layer really accentuates the delicate crisp that makes this cookie so lacy. Leave plenty of space... Continue Reading →

homemade milanos

There are a few storebought cookies that I absolutely ADORE, in all their sugary, processed glory. Oreos, obviously, are in the top 5 (Trader Joe Joe's? Even better), but Milanos probably take the number one spot. I was suuuperrr skeptical about homemade Milanos. I mean, Milanos are a pretty unique cookie. It's not like replicating... Continue Reading →

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