baked glazed chocolate donuts

I've been dying to own a donut pan forever, but I could never justify such a uni-purpose item. But my lingering every time I passed a donut pan must have been a dead giveaway, and I finally became the proud owner of a donut pan last Christmas. Thank you, wonderful boyfriend of mine :) He told me that... Continue Reading →

gluten-free black bean brownies

So I gave black bean brownies another shot... And while I still think I'm searching for that amazing magnificent version where you can't tell it's not a butter-laden brownie (does it exist??), these are delicious in their own right. They turned out more cakey than fudgey for me (fudgey is a huge brownie factor for... Continue Reading →

cinnamon raisin challah

I may be biased, but that is one big beautiful loaf of bread. Baking with yeast is always still such a touchy business for me. Half the time, I kill the yeast with the warm water from the get go (which, yup, happened this time). But then other times you end up with a gorgeously... Continue Reading →

two-layer raw chocolate brownies

Ahh you guys. This recipe is seriously life-altering (at least for me) Raw vegan desserts are not new to me, but I honestly did not expect these brownies to taste so amazing. I mean, look at the ingredients. How much different from a Larabar could they taste? Well consider me blown away with my socks... Continue Reading →

vegan oreo ice cream cupcakes

Fun fact that many people do not know: Oreos are vegan! So are Nutter Butters! Two of my faves right there This was my first time trying cashew-based ice cream. Definitely a good alternative for someone who can't have traditional dairy ice cream! It was pretty easy to make with my trusty food processor...just throw all... Continue Reading →

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