diy: sharpie mugs

March 14, 2014


I love making (and receiving) homemade gifts, and these mugs were one of my favorite DIYs that I’ve made.


Homemade gifts are always so thoughtful, and I also love gifts with function. These are perfect! You can customize them with something that is meaningful to your recipient, like their favorite quote or an inside joke. I made the above LDR mugs for my best friend in Colorado–one for each of us! I would also love to make an inspirational quote mug to start off my day with coffee and and happy thoughts.

You will need:
-Vinegar, acetone, or rubbing alcohol
-Mug (cheaper porcelain ones work best!)

1) Clean the mug with the vinegar, acetone, or alcohol. Don’t touch the surface with your fingertips afterwards! The oils from your skin will prevent the marker from adhering onto the mug.

2) DO NOT preheat your oven! Put the mug in the oven, then set the temperature to 425 degrees. Let it bake for 30 minutes.

3) After baking, crack open the oven door and let it cool completely. Removing the mug before it has cooled can result in cracking.

4) Wait at least 24 hours before washing your mug to make sure the design is sealed in!

*If using a Sharpie , keep in mind that colors may change in the oven. For example: red turns into a weird yellow color. Black is your safest option.


Another mug that I made for one of my best friends with her favorite quote 🙂



Hi, Bianca
The mugs are so cute. I cannot believe you can do that. So nice. Maybe later, I will have a try.

Awww so cute!!! Nice job!

This is SUCH a cute idea – and I love how simple you made the process seem! A DIY anyone can do 🙂

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