fudge brownie larabar bites

I adore Larabars, and these are my homemade pure chocolate version. If you've ever had a raw, vegan brownie, it kinda tastes like these. No-bake, easy, and ready in minutes. Nuts in my brownies are not my favorite, but it works in these.¬†These bites are rich, dense, and super fudgy, but they're vegan, gluten-free, grain-free,... Continue Reading →

just trying to bake

Three practicals, two finals, a presentation, and a project in one week? Either I am about to miraculously make it through a week from hell, or this is the beginning of a very stressful life. BUT. While everyone else made videos and board games for their optics creativity project... there I was like, NOPE. Baking... Continue Reading →

chocolate chip pumpkin oatmeal bars

These are just PERFECT. And I will probably keep saying that about every single pumpkin recipe I make. Soft and cakey, and not all that terrible for you! Yes, I sound like a broken record. This is pretty much exactly what I said for the chocolate chip pumpkin muffins...but make these make these make these!... Continue Reading →

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