thursday things

Another edition of Thursday Things, also known as my random and arbitrary dumping of recent favorite instagram pictures on you. And off we go!


Is there anything better than a froyo girl date? Nope, didn’t think so.


Sometimes I try to be crafty and badass at the same time.


My favorite restaurant in State College? Faccia Luna, hands down. Pesto, chicken, tomato, and sweet pepper pizza, get in my belly.


“I wanted to get roses in your favorite color purple, so I hope lavender is okay.” <<This is when I died on February 14.


Imagine Dragons concert. FO FREE


Lately, T & I started a little weekly date ritual: a grocery trip and homemade dinner (and if I can convince him to go to Trader Joe’s, this alone is enough to make my month).

Exhibit A: his & hers steak salads. Yes, the top salad took a ranch bath. Someone please help me.


These cooking/dinner dates…sort of the best thing ever.

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