for the kids

I don't do this often, but today I'd like to go on a slight tangent to tell you about something I love. If you didn't know, I'm a senior at Penn State right now, and if you asked me what I loved most about it as my time here rapidly comes to an end, I... Continue Reading →

red velvet heart cupcakes

It doesn't get more Valentines-ey than red velvet... until you make them even more sickeningly adorable by cutting out hearts with pretty pastel frosting peeking through. Pinterest, I give you my everlasting thanks These are as easy as a batch of red velvet cupcakes, a quick slice off the top, and taking a mini heart... Continue Reading →

bleu cheese apples

Nothing spectacular usually hits me past midnight But when you combine two hungry foodies, sometimes you'll be struck by culinary genius that's as easy as... slicing up some Honeycrisp apples sprinkling with bleu cheese and broiling til golden. Classiest late night snack ever? Coming right up. Shoutout to fellow foodie friend, hopes of many... Continue Reading →

berry green smoothie

Half a year ago, I jumped on the green smoothie train and neverrr looked back I still think green smoothies are super easy and reallyreallyreally good. And I am still incredibly proud of myself every time I drink a stealthy smoothie full of spinach that is invisible to your tastebuds. The addition of frozen berries... Continue Reading →

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