four-ingredient chewy peanut butter cookies


Today I’m doing a guest post over at Culinary Couture, so please head over there to check out the recipe!


These beautiful, crinkly, chewy peanut butter cookies can be in your belly in fifteen minutes or less.


The best part? They’re SOOO deceivingly simple. Like four ingredients and a mixing bowl simple. And if you don’t mind bumping it up to five ingredients, drizzle some dark chocolate over them for the prettiest little things you ever did see (this is not actually optional).


7 Replies to “four-ingredient chewy peanut butter cookies”

  1. Hi Bianca.
    I have a complaint. What you doing is totally criminal!!! How can you seduce your readers like this? There is not a post that you have posted that my mouth has not watered!!!!! :)……….
    As you can tell, I am just pulling your leg. Your recipes are amazing and surprisingly simple. Keep them coming. I love this blog!!!!


  2. oh my, these look yummy!! thanks for the recent “like”. I am not sure what happened but I somehow was no longer following you? this happened once before and I have no idea how that happens! so, as soon as I’m done posting this I will RE-follow you. stupid wordpress!!

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