hi healthy eating new years’ resolution! let’s see how long you stick around.


want to be able to chew your yogurt?! (okay that sounds gross)






but actually. i think this is so fun! though keep in mind this is coming from the person whose idea of fun is spending hours casually browsing the grocery store. (trader joe’s is my home, wegmans is heaven on earth)

so easy. so pinteresty.

happy new year!

3 Replies to “frozen yogurt dots”

  1. Um. Sooo glad that you’re a Wegmans lover too. A Wegmans opened in my home town my freshman year of college, and both of my younger sisters worked there for years. I literally get excited to go to Wegmans every time I’m home, since the closest one to me where I currently live is 40 miles away. One time when my sister came to visit me here, instead of going out to the bar like normal 20-somethings we drove to the far away Wegmans and spent like $100 on random delicious things. Now you probably think I’m a total weirdo, but I just had to agree with the Wegmans love!

  2. NOT a weirdo at all! More like we should go to Wegmans together and be the coolest 20-somethings there ever were hahaha i completely agree with the wegmans love!

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