if the world ends today…

December 21, 2012

This would not have been a bad day way to go.


Cheers to you and this gorgeous little death by chocolate cake, and my millionth shout out to Vegan Treats, also known as my favorite place ever and heaven on earth.

Thank goodness for winter break and freedom from finals! And a very happy end of the semester, in every sense of the word–so so so happy to be home with my friends and family, but (here’s a shocker) kinda wishing I were back at school already because it was the best end of semester like, probably ever. (WHO AM I??)

Life is weirddd.


And here’s to delicious things like this, however reluctant I was to make it twice (you know how I am about repeating recipes).

I promise a new post is FINALLY coming tomorrow, and not even the end of the world can stop me.


I could totally handle veganism if it meant eating that cake…

i know right?!? i could subsist off of vegan treats

vegan treatttssss and best franddsss <3

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