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Here are your top ten favorite recipes, lovely readers of mine! 10. fat & fluffy snickerdoodles So fat. So fluffy. Obviously these would make the top ten.   9. braided pumpkin cheesecake danish Super impressive while secretly supremely easy. What's not to love?   8. chocolate swirled pumpkin bread Oh hey HUFFINGTON POST! Fifteen seconds of fame? I'll take it.  ... Continue Reading →

chewy molasses cookies

Last year at about this time, I made cookies like these for my molasses-cookie-loving friend. Chewy molasses cookies perfect for curing homesickness while I was in Europe. This time around, they're still spicy, crackly, and chewy. But even better. And still so sparkly! Actually...possibly sparklier. Always a good thing. Except this time around, I'm happily... Continue Reading →

dark chocolate dipped cocoa cookies

48 hours later...and I am still obsessed with Christmas tree bokeh and covering my entire life in sprinkles. Is anyone the least bit surprised by this fact? Probably (definitely) not. And seeing as how I could amuse myself endlessly with these two things for at LEAST one more week... it can't seriously be Christmas Eve... Continue Reading →

mint chocolate chip bark

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! If you're like me, you're in shock/scrambling with Christmas less than 48 hours away. This is the perfect simple treat to make that looks much more impressive than the five minutes it takes to make! Major plus...pretty swirls :) Mint Chocolate Chip Bark Dark Chocolate + Peppermint Extract OR Dark Cocoa... Continue Reading →

back by popular demand

The cookie dough dip of yesteryear is back, and I've given it the Christmas treatment! Aka I dumped on every single kind of Christmas sprinkles I own and made it festive. Not much makes me happier than putting sprinkles on alll of the things (except maybe glittering my life via Pinterest-inspired projects) But being home... Continue Reading →

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