how tech has changed the way i eat {guest post}

November 23, 2012

Hi friends! Today’s post is by a guest writer from Venio, a healthy eating start-up that I’m working with for their new healthy eating app. Check them out on twitter (@ven_io)!

Technology has changed the way our world works….wow – sorry for the boring intro sentence.

It seems like almost every article on technology starts this way. We get it! Technology has changed a lot of things and we all know that. Although technology has never ceased to amaze me – I’m more interested in how it shapes up certain parts of my life, or habits. One of the things that are very near and dear to me is eating. Who’s with me?

Ever since I’ve used technology to help me with my eating habits, I’ve started building up what I like to call a “Virtual Palette” (it makes me feel like I belong in the future). Basically, with all these tools, I’m able to know how tasty a food is – before I actually eat it. I can judge a recipe, or even a restaurant before I get there – knowing which parts I’ll like, and which ones I won’t. And the more I use this virtual palette – the more it gets refined. This means that the options that I see for me to cook become much more relevant to me, and more often than not – I’ll like a recipe that I stumble upon. That said – nothing really beats a good free sample.

Technology has also allowed us to become more resourceful in the kitchen. I’m sure you’ve been in the following situation: Halfway through cooking a meal – only to realise you don’t have the three eggs that the recipe calls for. Well…what now? I might have usually flipped over my pots and pans in frustration and ordered-in instead. But I’m now able to quickly find out what I can replace with eggs, or what I can make with what I’ve already cooked – minus the eggs.

As you can do more with what you have – you can also do more – just by finding more. I’ve become much more explorative, adventurous, and taken more risks in the kitchen. And although it has come back to bite me a few times (I should have known yoghurt and balsamic vinegar don’t go well together), I’ve enjoyed the process of experimenting, and that feeling of suspense when you take that first bite. When else could I know nothing about Vietnamese cuisine, yet on the same day make a delicious hot and sour soup?

With all that said – one thing I think we all need to work on is secondary eating. With my phone, or computer around, I have a tendency to graze on food while I’m working, or watching a video. Although it might be time-efficient, it’s also an unhealthy habit that can end up with you taking in more than you actually need. Or the opposite if you’re completely busy – you might often end up with ¾ of your sandwich left 2 hours after lunch. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are often good times to unplug and regenerate.

I’m more excited about the days to come with technology and food and health than I am about what’s already passed. Maybe this virtual palette thing can actually exist soon!

Karim El Rabiey is part of the Venio team – an app meant to help people live healthier lives by recommending healthy meals based around their tastes, habits, and preferences. To find out more about Venio, visit their blog, or download their app.

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