November 22, 2012

today I am thankful for...

a senior year that is turning out a million times better than I expected–here’s to the amazing feeling of having the next 4 years of my life figured out! oh and I’M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR 🙂 

the perfect people in my life who are making life awesome. I really lucked out

the unspoken official start of Christmas decorations (Christmas lights make me so happyy)

as does “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (on repeat. too soon?)

instagram. obviously.

the new trader joe’s in state college. HEAVEN. planning on living there

sweet potatoes. in all its thanksgiving forms

the vegan chocolate peanut butter mousse pie up above and a best friend to make it with (recipe coming soon)

you, reading this right now

today I’m thankful for being able to ramble (often senselessly) and to have you wonderful people read it. or at least look at my pictures. that makes me happy too!

thanks. you da best.


it looks soooooo good! congrats on becoming a doctor!!i just sent my applications to med school so i know how happy you must be!:-)

Congrats to you too! You’re on your way 🙂

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