one-ingredient banana ice cream {vegan!}

Happy National Vegan Month! November 1 was actually national vegan day, but I forgot and posted a recipe with yogurt, cream cheese, and eggs…my bad.

So here we have this insanely easy one-ingredient banana ice cream.

Cut a ripe banana (lots of spots) into coins and freeze them until solid (I usually wait at least 4 hours or overnight).


Give ’em a whirl in the food processor.


Seriously magical.


Straight out of the food processor, it has the consistency of soft serve. I personally like hard ice cream better than soft serve, so just freeze it for a little longer, and voila! Totally healthy, vegan, creamy “ice cream.”


But wait, we’re not done yet…


Much better.

I know it’s November, but is it ever too cold for ice cream?

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Two bananas, cut into coins and frozen

1. Cut bananas.

2. Freeze bananas.

3. Process bananas.

*I said two bananas just because you need to have enough to make the food processor do anything.


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