vegan pumpkin spice pudding

Last day of National Vegan Month! And I have for you another delicious (and poorly lit) recipe that was another one of Amy and my contributions to Thanksgiving dessert. This tofu-based pumpkin spice pudding is super healthy (essentially half tofu and half pumpkin puree), but tastes AWESOME and takes about 2 seconds to prepare. 5-Ingredient... Continue Reading →

vegan chocolate peanut butter mousse pie

Remember the little tease I posted on Thanksgiving? I promise it was so worth the wait. Clearly, the vegan obsession continues, and this chocolate peanut butter mousse pie made an appearance for Thanksgiving dessert. It is vegan and no-bake! But the more important key words here are... chocolate peanut butter and mousse. Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse... Continue Reading →


today I am thankful for... a senior year that is turning out a million times better than I expected--here's to the amazing feeling of having the next 4 years of my life figured out! oh and I'M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR :)  the perfect people in my life who are making life awesome. I... Continue Reading →

zucchini pesto pasta

As promised... Zucchini pesto pasta! With the world's healthiest pesto made with avocados (thanks Foodie Fiasco!) And tons of fresh basil So how did I get my zucchini into spaghetti-like strands? By cutting verryyyy carefully. I wish I could tell you there was an easy trick to it, but if there is, I don't know... Continue Reading →

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