I lied.


Despite what I claimed last week, this recipe is very much so pumpkin. Not sorry about it. I hope a huge gooey chocolate chip cookie full of pumpkin and spice is okay with you.


This is the pumpkin version of the deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie from a few months ago.  In other words, this is seriously delicious and unassumingly vegan. No butter, eggs, a tad bit of oil, whole grain…and a whole can of chickpeas.

Again, I promise you can’t taste the chickpeas at ALL, and I have yet to find someone who isn’t fooled by this recipe.


Pumpkin Deep Dish Chocolate-Chip Cookie Pie

(vegan & gluten free!)

Recipe can be found at Chocolate Covered Katie

{1 year ago – Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies}

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  1. I saw the title of this and said out loud (at my desk. At work.), “WHAT?!?!” haha that looks delicious! haha also, thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. Oh man! I’m a sucker for pumpkin recipes! I came across your blog through a Pinterest pin. So happy I found you. I can’t wait to try your recipes! Really excited 🙂

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