braided pumpkin cheesecake danish

Five straight pumpkin recipes in a row? I don't hate it. Pastries and pie crusts scare me, so this is  a cheater version that uses Pillsbury Crescents and looks wayyy fancier than it actually is. That "pop" is one of my favorite things! I used reduced fat crescents...but honestly that's like a "diet coke with... Continue Reading →

two ingredient pumpkin brownies

Now that I'm all riled up from the debate last night...I'm going to TRY not to lose half my readers like I probably did on Twitter. Apologies if you hated me last night/hate me from here on out. Let's try to still be friends? This mayyy help bridge the gap... If there's anything that could... Continue Reading →

pumpkin snickerdoodles

I think you and I can both agree that the internet really really does NOT need another blog post waxing poetic about how much we're in love with fall and pumpkins and the weather and pumpkins and ... pumpkins. (Guilty as charged.) We've discussed my philosophy of avoiding making the same thing twice, and this... Continue Reading →

healthier pumpkin pie swirled fudge brownies

October?! Didn't pumpkin spice lattes just make their reappearance like, yesterday? I personally love fall because I can finally let loose about my pumpkin obsession without seeming COMPLETELY out of my mind crazy because it's actually semi-acceptable for a little while. Also things like chunky sweaters, riding boots, perfect crisp chilly weather, and the smell of fireplaces... Continue Reading →

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