Some days, I just want to scrap my life plans to travel the world over, see every square centimeter and photograph it all.

But only if I could bring a fully stocked and loaded kitchen with me to bake whenever I pleased as I go. Totally plausible, right?

While I figure out the logistics of that foolproof plan…maybe you can help me decide what to post next:


Super healthy and super delish vegan pesto pasta?


Dark chocolate ice cream that also happens to be vegan and so good for you?


Perhaps a warm spinach salad with mushrooms with avocado pesto salmon?


Or…okay let’s be real, I don’t know why I even asked to begin with because we all know that this lusciously fudgy brownie wins (chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. with more chocolate on top!). And that’s before I even inform you lovely people that there’s a pumpkin cream cheese swirl in there.

6 thoughts on “sundaydreaming

    1. I WANT TO GO ON A VEGAN DC ADVENTURE and eat our way through the city. actually a food road trip would be amazing. we can drive and eat our way across the country and be fat and happy.

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