dear 25-year-old me

So summer is officially over…and there were so many crazy (but mostly in a wonderful way) things that happened these past few months and so many crazy (also good crazy) things about to happen. Also, my first day of my senior year of college starts um…NOW.

Not to be dramatic but this sorta feels like the first day of the rest of my life. I can’t decide if I like it. Plus being practically a postgrad sounds so OLD and yet people still paradoxically look at me and think I am 18. At most. If I’m lucky. So there’s that.

Since it’s such a transitional period, I thought it was a prime time to capture the moments, memories, emotions, and knock out #80 with one of my best friends while I’m at it.

Enter: Annamaria’s and my beautiful time capsule.


We listed our current favorite trends and favorites


Wrote letters to each other and ourselves


And made a bucket list with things for ourselves to accomplish both individually and together! (I have less materialistic bucket list items I SWEAR.)

All to be sealed and saved until we graduate and are real life lawyers and doctors 🙂

This makes me happy.

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