I love you guys, I really do. I love all you lovely friends of mine who check in with me here, both in real life as well as the wonderful fellow bloggers that I hope I have the honor of meeting someday.

So let’s have a little chat. It’s because you guys are SO awesome that we are having this talk.

My blog is about 99.9% decadent desserts (just in case you haven’t noticed), and I feel like I’m not being entirely honest with you guys. But I want to be truthful with my friends! So real talk. I must confess that though my blog is overwhelmingly desserty, I rarely if ever actually eat any of it. If you know me in real life, you might know this about me already. Part of this is because if I actually consumed everything I made, I would probably be triple my weight…which would not be cute. But the other part involves sort of a shaky relationship with food that happens when I’m stressed out, which I was pretty much non-stop the past couple years. Feeling guilty after eating something indulgent, restricting myself, counting calories and micromanaging my meals…NOT good to say the least. It was obsessive, definitely unhealthy, and can drive you insane after a while.

So this summer, I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to experiment a LOT with a whole new realm of recipes for cooking and baking. Yes, I said cooking, which is pretty crazy coming from someone who once claimed that it was a hopeless cause. And it turns out that I’m not too shabby at it!

I’ve been grappling with this decision to take the blog in a new direction, since it started out as a strictly baking blog and has expanded far beyond that since then. As much as I love baking and sweets, it’s more about frosting a gorgeous layer cake or topping a cupcake with the perfect swirl and sprinkles and giving it to someone to make them happy than actually eating it.

I’ve always eaten relatively healthily, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards clean eating, lots of fruits and vegetables (which is really nothing new), good fats, whole grains. Not going to lie, the recipes will get a little…weirder. Sometimes vegan, sometimes lightened versions of recipes, lots of healthy substitutions, and even the occasional green smoothie. I’m not turning this into a health blog by any means, but my real life is extricably linked to it, and I want to close the huge, gaping discrepancy that I felt. Plus my savory recipe section was looking a little lonely!

As ever, I’m eternally grateful for all of my readers and the incredible connections I’ve made with the most amazing people from the most unexpected places. I hope you’ll join me just as you were so understanding with my semester abroad (which, by the way, is not over! more beautiful travel stories to come). The last thing I want to do is scare away my readers, but I also want to share exciting things in my life with you! (like this half marathon training going on right now…what am I THINKING)

There is ALWAYS room to indulge and nothing makes me happier than brightening someone’s day with a random care package of cookies for no reason at all. There will still be lots of straight up so-bad-for-you-yet-so-good recipes. That won’t change, but they’ll just be intermingled among black bean brownies and tofu cheesecake. I’m so excited to share all these new things that I’ve made!

So in case you were worried at ALL about what’s to come, let’s start with this deep dish cookie pie…


Yes, those are chickpeas (and my glorioussss new food processor! Let the obsessive and excessive nut butter making begin), and no, I did not mix up and post the wrong picture at the top of this post. This deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie is completely vegan and probably one of the most amazing things you will ever taste. You can’t taste the chickpeas at ALL.


No butter, flour or refined sugar, but lots of chickpeas, oats, and dark chocolate chips.


You know that philosophy I have about not making the recipe twice? Wellll this cookie pie has happened about four times in span of 2 months.


Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Recipe can be found at Chocolate Covered Katie

This isn’t so bad, right?

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  1. Ya know. I’m a firm believer that my desserts should be as decadent as possible(BRING ON THE BUTTER…and sugar…and chocolate), but I think you may have just convinced me to give this one a try. Now, if only I could get my hands on a food processor…

  2. It’s great you’re being honest with your readers! I used to have a healthy food blog (I used to also have ED and the blog world is hugely responsible for healing myself). In the process of blogging healthy recipes I discovered I really loved making food in general which led to baking indulgent desserts. I still really love healthy eating and I always bake for other people, too(but I still always have to try one.. or two to make sure they taste good!) A lot of people always ask me why I’m not 4839740839 pounds- little do they know I still eat healthy most of the time, exercise, and health is actually a really important aspect of my life. Oh and I can definitely vouch that this cookie pie is AMAZING 🙂 (also, sorry every time I leave a comment on your blog is a paragraph long! haha)

  3. i work at a gym part time and a client made this and brought in for us to try.. and O to the M to the G…. is it GOOOOOD!!! if you’ve not tried it…. you dont know what you are missing out on!!! I just made some myself… 1 thing I did do is subsitute the applesauce and used cottage cheese instead. just as wonderful!! 🙂 🙂 you wont regret making this!!

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