peach froyo

You know how I have a thing for ice cream? I think my family has a thing for peach picking. As in, forty.stinkin.pounds of peaches in one picking. Yeah, I think it's safe to say it's definitely a thing. Humor me for three seconds while I channel my old Hannah Montana fan days? (okay, maybe... Continue Reading →

dear 25-year-old me

So summer is officially over...and there were so many crazy (but mostly in a wonderful way) things that happened these past few months and so many crazy (also good crazy) things about to happen. Also, my first day of my senior year of college starts um...NOW. Not to be dramatic but this sorta feels like... Continue Reading →

homemade peanut butter

I can't even express to you how obsessed I am with my new¬†food processor. So I'll let this picture do the talking. Because hello?? THAT SWIRL. It's the most mesmerizing peanut butter I've ever seen. And I made it! Out of peanuts! Are you mesmerized yet? Let's break it down...literally (ha ha ha) Throw some... Continue Reading →

rome (the rest)

In case you haven't noticed, I like starting off my blog posts with my most favorite photo of the moment. The BAM!-photo, if you will. Case in point ^ These are the spiral stairs that exit the Vatican Museum, which I think are pretty visually stunning. So back to chronology. Next stop in Rome was... Continue Reading →

rome, day one

You know how you're supposed to study abroad and come back a changed person? Independent, confident, self-reliant, and such/whatnot/all that jazz? Welll sorry to feed the cliches, but it's so true. But the most drastic way I've cornily "grown as a person?" I am SUCH A GOOD PACKER NOW. First of all, I am a... Continue Reading →

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