parents in dublin

The last time I brought you with me on my travels abroad, we were in Spain, which was completely fabuloso, delicioso, magnifico, bello, etc, etc. I spent 6 whole days traversing through Madrid and Barcelona‚Ķbut that wasn't even half of my spring break. It was actually kind of ridiculous--what with no class on Fridays, my... Continue Reading →


This post is totally random...just a little blast from the past that I found in the deep recesses of my Flickr account. This was back when I could still kinda do some cool things. Was this really almost 4 years ago? I feel old.

cookie dough stuffed cookie cups

Got a cookie-dough lover in your life? I do! Chris is one of my best taste-testers/friends and a future surgeon that I would already trust with my life. But even when you're one of the most brilliant people I know...the MCAT still sucks. Majorly. So we thought it'd be a nice surprise for him to... Continue Reading →

this is how you do it

In case you haven't noticed, I've been slacking a little (read: A LOT a lot) with the travel posts. Getting myself inspired to blog about my trips has been strugs lately, and I'm not entirely sure why. So even though we left off halfway through spring break with Spain, and next chronologically is the arrival... Continue Reading →

thursday things

And so the summer of Pinterest continues... while I try to conquer my infinite pin boards one by one, with a little help from my friends and quite possibly the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen. Fondue also seems to be a recurring theme But we let Melting Pot do the work this time. I... Continue Reading →

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