barcelona: park güell (part 4)

Another place in Barcelona graced by the works of Gaudi is Parc Güell


We had enjoyed our Barcelona bicycle tour so much the day before that we decided to continue the sightseeing on bikes the next day as well.


We biked northeast of the city to the magical Park Guell first, before crisscrossing all the way down to Montjuic, the home of the Olympic Stadium, in the southwest later. Honestly, I was pretty proud of myself for keeping up with the boys…in a dress, no less :)


We also didn’t realize until we got there that not only is the area surrounding the park not very bicycle friendly, but bicycles were forbidden at the actual entrance. This involved some quick problem solving and thinking on our feet. It also involved lugging our bikes up three flights of escalators, illegally chaining them to a lamp post, and then carrying them DOWN a very steep flight of stairs.


It was so worth it.

Just like La Sagrada Familia, this park is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Perched on top of a hill, you can see a view of the entire city for miles.


It had amazing stone structures



Crazy pillars…that totally look natural and unnatural and intriguing at the same time




Stunning tiling




And of course, Gaudi’s quirky strange style of architecture


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